DeFi Degen Land

💰 Reward System

Part of the tokenomics of DDL is the rewarding system, which basically entails rewarding DDL holders Bitcoin for simply holding the token. Thus, making it less risky as holders do not have to stake their tokens; avoid having their funds being exploited. The token itself allocates 8% of every Transaction (buy, sell, transfer) solely for the redistribution of rewards to all holders.

A deeper look into the process of generating Bitcoin rewards:

When an initial investment/purchase of DDL tokens is made, 15% of that investment is charged as tax; which constitutes of 8% for rewards which are in the form of Bitcoin (BTCB), 4% dedicated for the DDL/WBNB LP (liquidity) and 3% which are sent also as BTCB for marketing.
Moving on, a 16% tax is also imposed when selling or transferring DDL tokens. However, this time the 16% are split as follows; 9% of total DDL tokens are transferred to BTCB / WBNB pancake LP (address can be found here:, 4% are again dedicated to DDL/BNB LP, and the other 3% are sent as BTCB to the marketing wallet. In fact, a sell transaction can be split in 4, yet with the same transaction hash (see image below).
The funds generated from transactions (which include buying, selling and transferring of DDL) are first sent to a pending pool (address: These pending rewards are updated daily and can be seen in the Metaverse as shown in the picture below.
Once this pending pool has enough gas fees, it will automatically send rewards (BTCB) to holders depending on the amount of DDL they are holding (minimum amount required is of 900 DDL). In addition, holders can also claim their rewards from the metaverse against a gas fee.