DeFi Degen Land

🎮 Play To Earn

Play to earn forms part of the DeFi Degen Land Metaverse. It offers players who are inside the metaverse, the possibility of generating a new income, which without the metaverse would not have been possible.

A deeper look into the play to earn system:

Each mini-game in the Metaverse will have its own leaderboard that restarts weekly. The leaderboard will hold for the top 10 players;who are ranked based on their score in the mini-game. These will be then rewarded with rewards that vary from $50 up to $500 weekly.
This mini-game involves 5 players placed on an “Island”, which their objective is to run to the other end of the bridge. Players can also communicate together with Voice Chat in-game by holding “v” while playing any minigame.
But there’s a catch, when the lights turns red, players can not move or they will die. When dying players are rewarded by 1 score in the leaderboard if they stay till the end of the game (not quitting).
On the other hand, players can move while the lights are Green, when crossing the end of the bridge players are rewarded with 4 points.
The leaderboard of this mini-game resets weekly with a $100 split (may vary, as mentioned previously) to the top 10 players:
1st: $30 2nd: $20 3rd: $15 4th — 10th: $7