DeFi Degen Land

🌎 DeFi Degen Land

The main product that DDL offers to its holders is the metaverse, which basically involves creating a virtual environment where people (potential holders) can socialize, play games and even earn rewards in the form of crypto assets. All that is required from visitors in order to connect to the metaverse, is to login using their wallet (Metamask, WalletConnect or Torus). From another perspective, one can state that the metaverse helps perfectly incorporate both the gamification and DeFi of DDL together.
As a team we are trying to make our metaverse as friendly and convenient as possible, by simply sending and receiving information to/from the blockchain. Thus, this allows for online in-game interaction with the blockchain for instance; possibility of collecting rewards in the form of bitcoin through the game itself. In addition, it also allows users to use purchased/ owned NFTs as their main character in the metaverse. Users may also use the voice chat when online to communicate with others by simply holding the “v” button on keyboard.
In-game Dapp
Last but not least, the metaverse also allows users to play and compete against others and in return they will earn prizes (in the form of crypto assets). Red light Green light is one of the many games which can be played on the metaverse, which is also inspired from the famous Squid Game series. Other play-to-earn games will follow in the future.
As a team, we believe that the metaverse will help come up with new and unlimited ideas and improvements in the future, which can obviously be implemented to give users a better experience. Whilst also, it will help make DDL more than just a token.